IProd Srl, based in Pisa, is the result of the spin-off of Linari Engineering, which has been operating for over 15 years in the industrial automation sector, creating solutions with a high technological profile and high innovation content, mainly for major European industrial groups.

The company has invented iProd MOP (Manufacturing Optimisation Platform), the latest technological innovation in Cloud, as easy to use as an App, to increase the productivity, quality and organization of manufacturing companies of any size, especially small and medium-sized, through the best use of human and technological resources already available.

The FREE version of iProd MOP in Cloud is available, completely free, for each manufacturing company, without any limitation on the number of users, machinery or systems managed, number of products in the catalog, number of sales orders, number of production sites, number of employees and turnover.

The iProd MOP platform version, called iProd IoT Tablet, based on modern IoT and Cloud technologies allows simple, fast, plug&play connection of the instrumental assets installed in the production departments to iProd Cloud Professional.

The solution automatically collects, in a 4.0 key, or from the operator on board the machine, the information that allows you to create theDigital Enterprisein cloud, in a simple and intuitive way, without the need for long configurations and staff training and without any particular technical competence.

The main features of the application include

automatic monitoring of the progress of orders and machining steps

dispatch of orders

human and material resources management

tracking and monitoring of machined parts

digital management in cloud of part-programs and working cycles

the determination of the total OEE effectiveness index of the single machine or of the entire interconnected company

The concept of the app, thanks to its simplicity and accessibility, draws inspiration from the approach that wants to put operators and machines at the center of the production process, with the aim of creating a space for sharing corporate information knowledge that starts from the bottom. The adoption of this technology does not only benefit company entrepreneurs and managers, but also machine operators who, thanks to iProd MOP, have the possibility to be in full control of their activities, thus demonstrating their skills and obtained results.

All this with easy configuration, and without additional training or any special technical expertise.


Many small and medium-sized manufacturing companies have chosen to use iProd to accelerate their growth or enhance their products.


Marco Malovini - Marma

By integrating iProd with the company management system, we have automated the transition from customers to planning resources in the workshop, eliminating a costly activity, which required continuous checks on the progress of the work in progress. Now, the automatic assignment of Orders to work orders and machinery, with phases and tooling (our Tecnopedia) historicized and recoverable in real time from the iProd MOP platform, allows us to evaluate times and costs more precisely and make the our work more and more efficient!

Project Manager

Linari Nanotech

We use iProd to manage the entire production cycle of our nanomaterial electrospinning systems by managing and monitoring both internal and especially external activities along a complex supply chain. Irreplaceable!

Sales Manager

Biglia SpA

For some months now we have included the native connection of our CNC lathes to the iProd platform through the "IoT Tablet" option and our customers thank us for providing both increased productivity and access to 4.0 tax incentives!

General Manager


By adding iProd to our prototype department we have increased our OEE by 15% in a few months by increasing production volumes. Remarkable for those who already started with excellent foundations like us.
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