iProd MOP
(Manufacturing Optimisation Platform)

iProd has invented MOP, the first industrial Cloud platform (Manufacturing Optimisation Platform) that allows you to build your Digital Workshop in cloud.

iProd MOP collects, manages and optimizes the four key operational areas that determine the efficiency of a manufacturing company:

  • Production technology
  • Production planning and monitoring
  • Management of material and tools purchases
  • Preventive and extraordinary maintenance

iProd MOP, using Cloud-based technology, easily expandable at any time, allows you to proceed with the progressive digitization of your company, having the opportunity to self-finance its increasingly widespread adoption with the increased revenue that it is able to generate.

With iProd MOP the entrepreneur can therefore have a very efficient management system of their company, able to repay the investment in a few months.

iProd Cloud FREE

Completely FREE version of iProd MOP in Cloud, for every manufacturing company, without any limitation on the number of users, machinery or systems managed, number of products in the catalog, number of sales orders, number of production sites, number of employees and turnover.

iProd Cloud FREE version is available:

  • Up to 100 work orders (W/O) per year. A work order includes only one article/product code and an unlimited number of operations on one or more operating machines or manual stations
  • Up to 2 GB of space for 100 W/O of cloud storage for your technical drawing, part programs, photos and production data

Activate iProd Cloud FREE immediately and find out how your Digital Workshop helps you to gain time and money!

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iProd Cloud Professional

It has the same functions as the FREE version, with the difference that these are provided, without limits and on a continuous basis, purchasing the resources that are used to carry out the production activities of your Digital Workshop.

iProd Cloud Professional allows, therefore, to support and grow, with continuity, the digitization of workshops and production processes of manufacturing companies of all types and sizes at a very competitive cost, which grows in a controlled manner and proportional to the work done by the company.

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IoT Tablet

In addition to iProd Cloud Professional offer, iProd IoT Tablet version is available, which allows you to connect industrial machinery with the Cloud, operators and function managers in plug&play mode.

iProd IoT Tablet is realized in close collaboration with Alleantia software house, which provides the IoT plug&play interface for the connection to the CNC/PLC of production machinery or assembly system.

It is therefore possible to connect to an unlimited number of iProd IoT Tablets to receive and transfer information in real time to the machine and to the operator, thanks to its simple and intuitive interface.

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