The first 4.0 Tablet, as easy as an App

The iProd MOP platform version, called iProd IoT Tablet, allows simple, fast and plug&play connection of the instrumental assets installed in the production departments to the iProd Cloud Professional.

The solution collects automatically, in 4.0 way, or by the operator from a machine, the information that allows to manage the Digital Workshop in cloud, in a simple and intuitive way.

The new IoT production management concept for manufacturing companies of any kind and size, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, is born from the close collaboration with Alleantia, and 15-year experience in industrial automation.

It does not require any initial investment in computers or servers. It is easy to set up and use, without any additional training and costs.

Data collection: automatic IoT or by the operator

During the production phases the system, connected to the machinery, collects automatically or by the operator on board information on:

  • sequence of placements to be carried out on each machine for the production of the item (ex .: sawing machine -> lathe-> machining center -> milling machine-> grinding machine, sheet cutting… ..),
  • part program and sub-programs for every processing phase,
  • specific equipment for each machine (auxiliary heads, motorized spindles, bezels, feelers and probes, vices, magnetic shelves, hydraulic brackets ...),
  • tools to be used with relevant tool holders,
  • positioning of tools in the machine to avoid dangerous interference,
  • raw or semi-finished materials to be used (bar, piece, fusion, forged, sheet, ...).

Accessibility to information for immediate productivity

On iProd Professional cloud platform it is possible to manage in a structured way all the information relating to customer records, sales orders, work orders, interconnected machinery and their equipment, the specifications of a given item supplied by the customer or by the customer's technical office (drawings, control plans, photos, standard times, technical notes, voice notes) making them totally accessible to the operator side interface.

By installing the Apps of our partners, it is possible to integrate iProd MOP with additional software to get supplementary features and benefits such as synchronisation with any ERP and CRM management system.

All this with easy configuration, and without additional training or any special technical expertise.

This allows you to:

set up the planning of production orders

manage human and material resources

dispatch work orders

track and monitor machined parts

count scraps

have automatic monitoring of the progress of orders and machining steps

determine the total OEE efficiency index of the interconnected installation

manage part-programs and work cycles in a simple and intuitive way

receive automatic maintenance notifications

receive suggestions for purchasing raw materials, consumables and spare parts

have reports on production performance

The IoT Tablet comes in an elegant packaging containing everything you need for the installation and proper operation. The installation can be done in a few minutes by following the special guide in the Knowledge Base Center.

The package includes, in addition to the tablet itself:

  • two LAN cables
  • PoE power supply unit with relative cable and Shuko socket
  • adjustable bracket
  • antennas for WiFi and 4G connection
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Are you a final user?

Build your Digital Workshop and boost your productivity!

Easy to interconnect, easy to set up and use, without additional training and without any hidden costs. Boost your production processes and become even more competitive.

Ask for more information about iProd IoT Tablet and find out how you can save time and money by letting your Digital Workshop guide you.

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Are you a manufacturer of machines, systems and production lines?

Integrate iProd: even more intuitive, immersive and easy to use!

Use 4.0 App to transform the machine, system or production line purchased by your customer and help them with the IoT Tablet to get the most out of their investment thanks to the associated platform MOP (Manufacturing Optimisation Platform) in cloud.

But not only that! Thanks to the flexibility of iProd, it is also possible to integrate the ready-to-use MOP functions directly into the CNC console of the machine tools. This allows more immersive and optimized user experience, where the operator can manage the technology, programming, maintenance and timely acquisition requests of tools, consumables and blanks, on board the machine, being in constant contact with the rest of the company organization, from which they receive support on planning, production, service and documentation through iProd Cloud.

Ask for more information about iProd IoT Tablet and find out how you can help your client to create their Digital Workshop.

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Simple and intuitive

Simple to set up, ready to use, to save time and money. Manage orders, part-programs and work-cycles seamlessly

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Free cloud, forever!

Thanks to iProd Cloud Professional, your data are kept safe and available everywhere, within the company and on the move, without any additional server or investment.*

* Free, every year, in iProd IoT Tablet version, up to 3GB of space or 100 Work Orders. Available in successive packages from 100 Work Orders up to 3GB of space, that can be used during 12 months after the purchase.

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Augmented Part Program

An exclusive standard feature of iProd IoT Tablet is the Augmented Part Program, which allows integrating visual, textual and vocal information related to the tooling and operating instructions of the interconnected machines, according to the processing cycles to be performed. This allows to make the value of the information, referred to the best experience of using the production asset in relation to the lots previously carried out, immediately available and shareable among all those in charge, so as to obtain higher efficiency in the design of new working cycles and new fixtures or their re-use for identical or similar lots.

Part Program Versioning

With the digital cloud management of Part Programs you can create endless revisions or Versioning of any program on board the machine or in the technical office, having the confidence that iProd Cloud will keep each version to prevent errors and unnecessary waste of time in restoring previously optimized conditions.


Simple configuration

IoT App ready to use, few taps to start working


All the technologies available for a fast connection to your workshop

Machine learning

iProd learns in order to increase your productivity

Free cloud*

Keep all your data safe, for free*, available everywhere, without a new server. * up to 100 Work Orders, up to 3GB every year

Efficiency control

Simple indicators and graphs to measure efficiency of production

All the production sites

Centralized management of all production units, including at subcontractors

Cost analysis

Find out how much each production phase costs, for each order

Integration with management systems

Synchronization of any management software with iProd Cloud simple and free

First 4.0 tablet that maximizes the potential of your machine

The highly durable and reliable 4.0 Industrial IoT Tablet connects any production machinery or assembly system to iProd Cloud Professional.

At the same time, the IoT Tablet offers a 10.2" multi-touch interface, protected by a robust layer of GorillaGlass, for onboard machine operators to access technological, maintenance and production planning information.

The IoT Tablet is also equipped with a 5 Mpx front camera that allows you to capture barcodes and data matrix of tags and badges, take pictures of assembled tools to be uploaded directly into the company database and an integrated loudspeaker system.

Buy iProd IoT Tablet: first 4.0 tablet that boosts your productivity!

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IP65 protection


Protection against tampering


Visual IoT App


Free, every year, up to 3GB of space and 100 Work Orders

Dual LAN Gigabit Connectivity, WiFi Connectivity

Windows 10 IoT operating system

5 Mpx front camera

VESA 75 standard mounting holes with adjustable bracket included

4G Connectivity with internal anti-theft SIM (to be provided by the client)

10,2” Display TFT multitouch

Built-in speakers

PoE - Cisco electrical power supply

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First 4.0 tablet that boosts your productivity!

Connected by Alleantia

iProd IoT Tablet is the first system based on IoT-enabled technology that improves production efficiency through simple and fast interconnection, in terms of Industry 4.0, for any manufacturing machine, using “Connected by Alleantia” technology of the award-winning IIoT edge connectivity software, and its rich library with 5,000+ drivers, both inserted within the IoT Tablet.

Convenzione IProd - ICIM “Industria 4.0 e Credito di Imposta iProd 4.0”

iProd IoT Tablet è predisposto per forniture associate a progetti che rientrano nei requisiti di applicazione del cosiddetto “Credito di Imposta Investimenti 4.0” previsto dalla legge di Bilancio 160/2019, con l’avvertenza che il soddisfacimento del requisito di interconnessione dei nuovi beni strumentali acquistati a partire dal 1 gennaio 2020 ed installati entro il 30 giugno 2021 (rientranti in una delle tre categorie riportate nell’Allegato A della legge 232/2016) resta totalmente in carico all’utilizzatore finale del bene produttivo.

Grazie alla convenzione siglata fra IProd e ICIM, ente di certificazione indipendente, sono ancora più semplici, per le Micro e PMI manifatturiere, la valutazione tecnica dei requisiti di applicazione del cosiddetto “Credito di Imposta Investimenti 4.0” e l’attestazione della conformità alla norma per poter accedere ai benefici fiscali previsti dalla legge di Bilancio 160/2019 per l’anno finanziario 2020.

La convenzione IProd - ICIM si applica anche ai progetti che rientrano nei requisiti di applicazione del cosiddetto “Iperammortamento” per tutte le macchine nuove acquistate a partire dal 2017 e fino al 31 dicembre 2019 con installazione entro il 31 dicembre 2020, purché vengano interconnesse ad iProd IoT Tablet.

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iProd natively connected

iProd IoT Tablet uses the Alleantia XPANGO driver technology and the Library of Things with 5000+ industrial devices to achieve the fast and scalable "Plug&Play" integration of industrial devices.

Alleantia allows you to connect in a few seconds the instrumental assets installed in the production departments to create a complete and interoperable digital twin with iProd IoT Tablet.

The information is collected by the CNC and PLC using the most widespread communication protocols and is sent to iProd IoT Tablet.

Thanks to Alleantia you can connect all machines that are less than 10 years old and that are equipped with the following numerical controls, simply by selecting the appropriate driver, just as you would do to connect a printer to a computer.

  • FANUC "i" Series for lathes, machining centres and EDMs,
  • HEIDENHAIN TNC530/TNC620 and TNC640 on which the communication license named "Option 18 - DNC" has been activated by the machine manufacturer or, subsequently, at the request of the customer,
  • SIEMENS 828D/840D with active OPC-UA and WITHOUT OPC-UA. In the second case, the "OEM" option should be activated by the machine manufacturer or the customer and the "Alleantia microserver" should be "installed" on the CNC (to be purchased separately),
  • MITSUBISHI, all CNCs manufactured during the last 10 years,
  • SELCA, both for CNCs with serial interface (only part-program transfer) and with LAN port,
  • HAAS, all machines equipped with LAN interface,
  • Any CNC that supports MtCONNECT,
  • Any CNC that supports OPC-UA.
  • EUROMAP 63 protocol, equipped with a LAN port and without active connection with the same protocol or which are enabled for a multiple connection,
  • EUROMAP 77 protocol,
  • Any press that supports OPC-UA.



iProd Contextual Marketplace

Purchase products, accessories and consumables, with targeted offers based on the use of your machine, thanks to the virtual assistant, based on the Artificial Intelligence of iProd contextual and integrated Marketplace.

Personnel shifts planning

Advanced production reporting

Integration with ERP and CRM

Integration with WMS

Integration with PLM

Advanced condition based maintenance

Production planning with AI

AR/VR to support operations

Energy monitoring

Contextual Marketplace of spare parts, accessories and consumables

Predictive maintenance and quality with AiProd

Additional Apps

By installing our partners' Apps, iProd IoT Tablet can be integrated with additional software to get supplementary features and benefits.

Through API (Application Programming Interface) it will be possible, for any management system already available in the company, to connect in a simple and open way to the iProd Cloud platform to exchange information on customers, orders, work orders and production progress, as well as alerts and notifications in real time. This is a feature that will make iProd MOP the perfect complement to any ERP, CRM, PLM, WMS or other software already in use in the company for management and accounting.

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