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iProd allows you to manage your business at 360°, through a dedicated Cloud platform.

Plan, monitor and optimize all business processes.

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Lots of free features

All the features your business requires without the need for specific training. Easy to set up and use.

All important contacts for your company always available, updated and verified thanks to the real-time connection with European databases. Easily import your contacts from your phone’s address book as well.

Customers and Suppliers

Create a complete card for each of your products by defining, with a simple wizard, drawings, raw materials, semi-finished products and production cycles. Associate drawings, attachments, photos and videos directly from your mobile phone or computer.

Products and materials

Automatically create ERP documents of products bought and sold on the Marketplace or any other distribution channels. Real time stock updates through the documents generated.
Create and print incoming goods documents and purchase orders.

Purchase Orders

Make offer requests to send to your potential suppliers, compare quotation received and plan your purchases

Sales Quotes

Create work orders for each of your sales orders and monitor in real time every production phase for each machine and the activities in execution. Keep track of the progress of orders thanks to the automatic detection of finished products, scraps, processing time, costs, alarms and downtime via App or IoT Tablet.

Production Monitoring

Economic forecasts of profitability and costs of individual orders are provided thanks to the processing of data such as material costs, times and costs per operators and machines.

Profitability and Cost of Orders

Schedule machine activities, human resources, staff times and tasks. The operator knows to which machine it has assigned and which activities (Orders, Work Orders) must be done.

Task Scheduling

A operations management solution for tracing the supply chain: from your warehouse to delivery.

Warehouse Management and traceability

Simplify maintenance management process. Collect fault reports, tickets will be assigned to staff with the information they need, track and monitor their progress in real time.

Machines Maintenance

Organize machinery activities, staff tasks and view the calendar of production activities.
The operator knows to which machine it has assigned and which activities (Orders, Work Orders) must be done.

Plan Human Resources and Equipment

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Lots of free features
Lots of free features
Free Cloud platform
Free cloud platform ready to use, no software to download
Real-time data management and sharing
Supply chain: real-time data management and sharing with your suppliers and customers
iProd IoT Tablet
With iProd IoT Tablet the Platform becomes compatible with PLCs and CNCs of all types


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Who chose us

Who chose us

Transition Plan 4.0 and Tax Credit - ICIM

Piano Transizione 5.0 e Credito di imposta

Recover up to 50% of your investments in machines, devices, equipment and software for the technological and digital transition of your business.

La soluzione iProd è predisposta per ottenere i benefici fiscali 2017-2025 del Credito d'Imposta per investimenti 5.0, grazie all’interconnessione bidirezionale tra le macchine e device, rendendo così possibile l'accesso ai benefici fiscali del Piano Transizione 5.0. Puoi contare sulla certificazione 5.0 anche grazie alla convenzione di iProd con ICIM, l'ente di certificazione leader in Italia.

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