Enter in the iProd Universe

All the functions your business needs

Enter in the iProd Universe

All the functions your business needs

Clients and Vendors

All the important contacts for your company are always available, updated and verified thanks to the connection in real time with the European databases.

Easily import your contacts also from the address book of your mobile phone.

Always available and updated in real time

Products and Materials

Create a complete data sheet for each of your products by defining, with a simple wizard, drawings, raw materials, semi-finished products and production cycles

Associate drawings, attachments, photos and videos directly from your mobile or computer.

Create a product sheet with documents, images and videos from your mobile or PC

Production Orders

Create work orders for each of your orders and check their progress in real time, during all production phases. Automatic detection of times, costs and machine downtime via App or IoT Tablet.

Real-time control of production, times, costs and operators

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  • Carico macchinari

    Resources Utilization

    Monitor the use of your systems in real time
  • Schermata pianificazione


    Easily allocate machining steps
  • iProd cloud

    Production monitoring

    Smart charts for immediate decisions
  • augmented part program


    Management of tool compositions and equipment
  • Order Control

    Detail of times and quantities for each production phase
  • Planning

    Interactive gantt for simplified planning
  • Tablet produzione

    IoT Tablet

    On-board interface for operator support
  • iProd Commesse

    Production Orders

    All production orders at your fingertips

iProd MOP solves your problems

Data Sharing

First platform that allows the tracking of the individual production phases of your order.


All the technologies available for a quick connection to your business


iProd learns in order to increase your productivity

Free Cloud

No costs for servers, backups, updates, licenses. Data kept secure and made available from anywhere.

Greater Efficiency

Simple indicators and graphs to improve production efficiency up to 25% fino al 25%

Cost Ceck

Find out how much each production phase and each order cost

All the production sites

Centralized management of all production units, including at subcontractors

MES Integration

Connect any company management system for free with iProd MOP via API

Free Cloud!

Thanks to iProd Cloud Professional, your data are kept safe and available everywhere, within the company and on the move, without any additional server or investment.

* Free, every year, in iProd IoT Tablet version, up to 3GB of space or 100 Work Orders. Available in successive packages from 100 Work Orders up to 3GB of space, that can be used during 12 months after the purchase.

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Unleash the full potential of iProd

IoT Tablet

  • Connect the tablet to your machine.
  • Access all Cloud Data.
  • Manage automatically: Part-Program; Piece counter; Production phases.
  • You talk to your machines, you save time and money.
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Connected by Alleantia

iProd IoT Tablet is the first system based on IoT-enabled technology that improves production efficiency through simple and fast interconnection, in terms of Industry 4.0, for any manufacturing machine, using “Connected by Alleantia” technology of the award-winning IIoT edge connectivity software, and its rich library with 5,000+ drivers, both inserted within the IoT Tablet.


Are you a manufacturer of machines, systems and production lines?

Integrate iProd: even more intuitive, immersive and easy to use!

Use 4.0 App to transform the machine, system or production line purchased by your customer and help them with the IoT Tablet to get the most out of their investment thanks to the associated platform MOP (Manufacturing Optimisation Platform) in cloud.

This allows more immersive and optimized user experience, where the operator can manage the technology, programming, maintenance and timely acquisition requests of tools, consumables and blanks, on board the machine, being in constant contact with the rest of the company organization, from which they receive support on planning, production, service and documentation through iProd Cloud .

Industry 4.0

Are you only benefiting from Super-Depreciation for orders of new machinery made starting from 2017 until the end of 2019? Just interconnect them to iProd IoT Tablet to fully recover the tax benefit of Hyper-Depreciation.

Were the orders for new machinery made starting from 2020? By connecting to iProd IoT Tablet you can access the tax benefit of the so-called 4.0 Tax Credit.

Our iProd expert will contact you, without obligation, for application advice and for details of the offer.

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