iProd Cloud Professional

Thanks to iProd Cloud Professional learn how you can optimize your production choices by letting your Digital Workshop help you!

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The iProd MOP platform offers iProd Cloud Professional version that can help grow your business, without limits, creating your Digital Workshop in cloud , buying only the resources that are used for its Work Orders (W/O).

iProd Cloud Professional is composed of:

  • Minimum individual packages of 100 work orders (W/O). A work order includes only one article/product code and an unlimited number of operations on one or more operating machines or manual stations
  • Up to 3 GB of space for 100 W/O of cloud storage for your technical drawing, part programs, photos and production data
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The costs of the service are certain and increase only as the company's turnover increases. The 100 W/O can be used during 12 months after the purchase. The single W/O, once completed, remains archived forever in the customer's account, without requiring additional costs for its consultation and analysis.

For every 100 W/O purchased, a total of 3GB of storage space is available, which can be consumed until the W/Os are exhausted during 12 months after the purchase. Unused GBs cannot be combined with those purchased later.

Within your Digital Workshop you will be able to record, control and optimize the four main activities that contribute to the productivity of a small manufacturing company:

  • Production technology
  • Production planning and monitoring
  • Suppliers managements
  • Maintenance

iProd Cloud Professional does not require any additional training or particular computer experience since simple icons and contextual tutorials guide user in the performance of each task and then automatic systems in Cloud to perform complex optimizations that allow you to save time, energy, raw and consumables.

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