Tax Credit 2020-2022
Hyper-Depreciation 2017-2019

You have a business and you don't know how to make the most of Industry 4.0 tax incentives?

Today you can have the maximum tax incentives to create your Digital Enterprise!
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IProd A Fianco Di Chi Produce

iProdin the IoT Tabletversion, allow you to create theDigital Enterprise 4.0 in a simple, quick and intuitive way and allow you to easily obtain the tax benefits foreseen with the Tax Credit for all new machinery purchased starting from 2020 and interconnected to iProd.

It also allows you to recover the full value of the4.0 Hyper-Depreciation tax benefit for new investments in machinery made from 2017 to 2019, as long as they are interconnected thanks to iProd in the current year!

IProd - ICIM Agreement “4.0 Tax Incentives for iProd”

iProd IoT Tablet is designed for supplies associated with projects that fall within the application requirements of the so-called "Iperammortamento" and "Credito di Imposta Investimenti 4.0" previsti dalla legge di Bilancio 232/2016 e successive fino alla 234/2021, con l’avvertenza che il soddisfacimento del requisito di interconnessione dei nuovi beni strumentali acquistati a partire dal 1 gennaio 2017 (rientranti in una delle tre categorie riportate nell’Allegato A della legge 232/2016) resta totalmente in carico all’utilizzatore finale del bene produttivo.

Thanks to the agreement signed between IProd and ICIM, which is among the most important independent certification bodies, the technical assessment of the application requirements of the so-called "I4.0 Tax Credit" and the certification of compliance with the rule of law are even easier for manufacturing Micro and SMEs to be able to access the tax benefits provided for by the Budget Law 160/2019 and subsequent ones.

The IProd - ICIM agreement also applies to projects that fall under the application requirements of the so-called "Hyper-Depreciation" for all new machines purchased from January 1st 2017 and until December 31st 2019, provided that they are interconnected to iProd IoT Tablet.

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