Are you a manufacturer of machines, systems and production lines?

Integrate iProd: even more intuitive, immersive and easy to use!

Use 4.0 App to transform the machine, system or production line purchased by your customer and help them with the IoT Tablet to get the most out of their investment thanks to the associated platform MOP (Manufacturing Optimisation Platform) in cloud.

But not only that! Thanks to the flexibility of iProd, it is also possible to integrate the ready-to-use MOP functions directly into the CNC console of the machine tools. This allows more immersive and optimized user experience, where the operator can manage the technology, programming, maintenance and timely acquisition requests of tools, consumables and blanks, on board the machine, being in constant contact with the rest of the company organization, from which they receive support on planning, production, service and documentation through iProd Cloud.

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iProd Marketplace and Machine Customers

The most innovative Industry 4.0 business model
dell’Industria 4.0

Share new products and services throughout the supply chain ecosystem, even contextually, based on machine usage


Stay in touch with the customer thanks to the machine and iProd, providing products, tools, accessories, consumables and services with targeted offers based on the use of the production asset. The Machine Customer Offering Servitization Model is simple and immediate thanks to the virtual assistant based on the Artificial Intelligence of thecontextual iProd Marketplace gestito dal “Digital Twin” del macchinario che è perfettamente integrato con iProd.

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