The iProd management revolution, the MOP

iProd MOP (Manufacturing Optimisation Platform) collects, manages and optimizes the four key operational areas that determine the efficiency of a manufacturing company:
Production technology
Production planning and monitoring
Preventive and extraordinary maintenance
Management of material, tools, consumables and services purchases, also contextually

Cloud Platform

iProd MOP, using Cloud-based technology, easily expandable at any time, allows you to proceed with the progressive digitization of your company, having the opportunity to self-finance its increasingly widespread adoption with the increased revenue that it is able to generate.

With iProd MOP the entrepreneur can therefore have a very efficient management system of their company, able to repay the investment in a few months.

Efficiency control

In this section there is now the new Planning function: a real Gantt of your company, through which it is possible to interact with the machinery and with all the assigned jobs and see them planned in the agenda for the coming weeks and months.

Production monitoring

Monitoring of the current situation for each machine, with the currently running phases


In the section that describes the execution of the various job orders, it is now possible to view, export and print a detailed report with information on the progress of the production activities, complete with details related to the different work orders developed in the individual phases and the indicators of efficiency of the various machines involved in the individual processes.

Advanced Tags

In the comments it is possible to quickly refer to the user, a product, a customer by calling them up by placing the @ symbol. The searched object will be suggested automatically. Similarly, using the $ symbol, orders or work orders can be tagged.

Social Collaboration

The exclusive environment for sharing and socializing information in a Social Collaboration key never created before in the production field! The operators and administrators of your company can publish and access comments, multimedia attachments (photos, videos, technical files and documents) concerning the orders, articles, phases, work orders, production resources, parts program, etc.

It is the place, or the square, in the style of the "Facebook" social network, where all members of your company can now collaboratively participate in making the work environment even more efficient and productive.


  • Machinerylist and status of all machinery and operating units of the company, to which the operator who, at the moment, is managing the machinery is also associated.
  • Operators: it is now possible to see the latest activity of all users.
  • Notifications: list of notifications for all events that iProd has handled.

iProd Marketplace and Machine Customers

The most innovative Industry 4.0 business model

Share new products and services throughout the supply chain ecosystem, even contextually, based on machine usage
Stay in touch with the customer thanks to the machine and iProd, providing products, tools, accessories, consumables and services with targeted offers based on the use of the production asset. The Machine Customer Offering Servitization Model is simple and immediate thanks to the virtual assistant based on the Artificial Intelligence of the contextual iProd Marketplace managed by the “Digital Twin” of the machine which is perfectly integrated with iProd.

IoT Tablet 4.0

The highly resistant and reliable 4.0 industrial IoT Tablet connects any machinery or assembly system to the iProd Cloud Professional.

Intel IoT Market Ready Solutions

iProd MOP: the first IntelIoT Market Ready Solutions in Industry 4.0
Conceived with IoT technologies and Intel architecture, to "talk" with production systems

iProd MOP, based on Intel's well-established architecture, is Intel's IMRS (Intel IoT Market Ready Solutions)ready to use, which allows manufacturing companies to increase profitability and performance thanks to the innovative "pay-as-you-go" Industry 4.0 platform model.

The highly durable and reliable Industrial IoT Tablet 4.0, based on Intel technology, allows the quick connection of any production asset to iProd Cloud Professional.The Alleantia software automatically collects, or from the operator, data and information that create intuitively theDigital Company in cloud.

Intel Architecture and Intel® Partner Alliance ecosystem ensure:

  • The disruptive technology for continuous innovation of the iProd MOP Platform

      • TURN-KEY
      • SCALABLE
  • The long-term availability of Intel technologies during the entire life cycle of use of production assets interconnected with iProd MOP

Intel, thanks to the Intel Partner Alliance, is the ideal partner for iProd attentive to the specific needs of continuous development of innovative and disruptive solutions in the Industrial IoT world. At the same time, thanks to Intel's ability to respond with its resilient and reliable technologies to the complex needs of the manufacturing sector, it is possible for iProd to keep in the long term the performances of its previously installed solutions in the production departments of its customers.

Augmented Part Program

An exclusive standard feature of iProd IoT Tablet is the Augmented Part Program, which allows integrating visual, textual and vocal information related to the tooling and operating instructions of the interconnected machines, according to the processing cycles to be performed. This allows to make the value of the information, referred to the best experience of using the production asset in relation to the lots previously carried out, immediately available and shareable among all those in charge, so as to obtain higher efficiency in the design of new working cycles and new fixtures or their re-use for identical or similar lots.

Part Program Versioning

With the digital cloud management of Part Programs you can create endless revisions or Versioning of any program on board the machine or in the technical office, having the confidence that iProd Cloud will keep each version to prevent errors and unnecessary waste of time in restoring previously optimized conditions.

iProd natively connected

iProd IoT Tablet uses the Alleantia XPANGO driver technology and the Library of Things with 5000+ industrial devices to achieve the fast and scalable "Plug&Play" integration of industrial devices.

Alleantia allows you to connect in a few seconds the instrumental assets installed in the production departments to create a complete and interoperable digital twin with iProd IoT Tablet.

The information is collected by the CNC and PLC using the most popular communication protocols and is intended for the iProd IoT Tablet.

Thanks to Alleantia you can connect all machines that are less than 10 years old and that are equipped with the following numerical controls, simply by selecting the appropriate driver, just as you would do to connect a printer to a computer.

  • FANUC "i" Series for lathes, machining centres and EDMs,
  • HEIDENHAIN TNC530/TNC620 and TNC640 on which the communication license named "Option 18 - DNC" has been activated by the machine manufacturer or, subsequently, at the request of the customer,
  • SIEMENS 828D/840D with active OPC-UA and WITHOUT OPC-UA. In the second case, the "OEM" option should be activated by the machine manufacturer or the customer and the "Alleantia microserver" should be "installed" on the CNC (to be purchased separately),
  • MITSUBISHI, all CNCs manufactured during the last 10 years,
  • SELCA, both for CNCs with serial interface (only part-program transfer) and with LAN port,
  • HAAS, all machines equipped with LAN interface,
  • Any CNC that supports MtCONNECT,
  • Any CNC that supports OPC-UA.
  • EUROMAP 63 protocol, equipped with a LAN port and without active connection with the same protocol or which are enabled for a multiple connection,
  • EUROMAP 77 protocol,
  • Any press that supports OPC-UA.

  • haas logo
  • mitsubishi
  • selca
  • siemens 840d
  • mt connect
  • opc ua
  • euromap


  • abb
  • beckhoff
  • festo
  • omron
  • schneider electirc
  • siemens s7
  • ethernet ip
  • melsec
  • modbus
  • mqtt
  • omron-fins
  • opc-da
  • opc ua
  • profinet

Personnel shifts planning

Advanced production reporting

Integration with ERP and CRM

Integration with WMS

Integration with PLM

Advanced condition based maintenance

Production planning with AI

AR/VR to support operations

Energy monitoring

Contextual Marketplace of spare parts, accessories and consumables

Predictive maintenance and quality with AiProd

Additional Apps

By installing our partners' Apps, iProd IoT Tablet can be integrated with additional software to get supplementary features and benefits.

Through API (Application Programming Interface) it will be possible, for any management system already available in the company, to connect in a simple and open way to the iProd Cloud platform to exchange information on customers, orders, work orders and production progress, as well as alerts and notifications in real time. This is a feature that will make iProd MOP the perfect complement to any ERP, CRM, PLM, WMS or other software already in use in the company for management and accounting.

AiProd: the artificial intelligence application of Acoustic Insights

New and exclusive predictive features in manufacturing contexts

The PATENTED AiProd is the proprietary solution of IProd Srl which, through Acoustic Insight technology achieves the combined integration of IoT data and audio files acquired by the machinery thanks to the Alleantia I4.0 "Plug & Play" technology Alleantia with the Artificial Intelligence system in-cloud for the recognition of the acoustic pattern.

The solution, capable of predicting results on the quality of the machining, or of a product being tested, or even machine failures and defects, opens up interesting applications that may help manufacturers and end-users as well to prevent costly production waste or downtime for technical assistance.

AiProd is the result of the collaboration of three exclusive components. In particular:

Alleantia provides both the I4.0 “Plug&Play” interconnection technology of machine tools and production systems’ controllers, and a new functionality of multimedia peripheral drivers (microphones and even cameras), which strengthen the breadth of its already powerful library of over 5,000 drivers of industrial devices ready to use.

iProd proposes the innovative AiProd through which it is possible to combine, in real time, the multimedia files associated with the IoT tags of production assets with Artificial Intelligence patterns in order to enable the creation of clusters capable of training a necessary and sufficient number of neural networks to perform increasingly accurate analysis which are associable with homogeneous machining scenarios.

AiProd, with the Acoustic Insightsfunction, has an Artificial Intelligence system for training, refinement and recognition of the acoustic pattern able to compare the reference audio files, or those known for the optimal machining process of the machines and to put them in relation to new audio files acquired in real time, giving them an equivalence score between 0 and 100%, where the 0% score is equivalent to a completely new sound and 100% to an identical sound already known by the system.

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